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,Two children from a primary school in Carlton have been diagnosed with the disease. (Getty) Tweet Facebook Mail The total number of measles cases in Melbourne has now reached 14, with five further cases reported to health services. The Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement that two of the new cases are pupils at Princes Hill Primary School in Carlton. The school is located close to the Brunswick area where the outbreak is believed to be centred. Victoria’s acting Chief Health Officer Dr Roscoe Taylor said a number of pupils are being kept from school for at least the next week, as they are not fully immunised.“We appreciate that this situation will be disruptive for the school community but we must not put at risk those children who are not fully immunised,” Dr Taylor said.The other patients are two women and a man, all in their 40s.Authorities first issued a public health warning for the Melbourne area earlier this month after cases began to be identified.RelatedRush to publish COVID-19 research saw errors in top medical journals triple, study findsNew health alert in South Australia after positive COVID-19 case breached quarantineTwo new coronavirus cases reported in South AustraliaPeople can develop pneumonia and other serious complications from the disease.Incidences of measles are now uncommon in Australia because of the widespread use of the measles vaccine.Adults aged between 35 and 49 are said to be a high risk group as many in this age range did not receive the measles vaccine. “We are concerned that additional cases will emerge over the next two weeks and it is important that people remain alert to the symptoms,” Dr Taylor said.Dr Taylor said measles usually begins with common cold symptoms such as fever, sore throat, red eyes and a cough. The characteristic measles rash usually begins 3-7 days after the first symptoms, generally starting on the face and then spreading to the rest of the body.
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